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You don't need to hire staff to grow your business 

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How we can help you


Delegate tasks to one of our executive assistants and spend your time on the 20% of things that make the biggest impact.


Our clients have access to a range of templates that will save you starting from scratch.


Chat with our business consultant to set your strategy for the year and get things moving.

"I give a TASK to someone and they PICK it up and run with it."

"Following up on ENQUIRIES has been a big one for me."

Client_Anna Dick (1)

I decided I wanted to grow my business more than I wanted to hold onto simple tasks – I began to outsource. Mysundayclub helped with the admin side of things. My experience so far has been amazing. Katie took some of the immediate pressure off, and gave me some great tips to manage some vital things going forward. All of a sudden, it wasn’t just me anymore. I had a team I could rely on.” – Anna

So what do we do?

All of our clients are unique, but the one thing we help them all to do, is delegate

We will support you in delegating your first (and many more) admin tasks so that you can focus on spending time with current and potential clients. 

To give you an idea of the kinds of tasks many of our clients ask us to manage for them, we often help with:


Has your inbox got slightly out of hand? 

Your assistant will take care of your inbox, leaving you to take care of your clients and deal with revenue generating activities.


Are you worried your clients aren’t getting the attention they deserve? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff, let us handle it so you get on with what you do best.


Social media, newsletters & blogs, who has the time?

We get it, content creation can be daunting, especially when you’re already juggling everything else.


Do you find you are typing the same emails over again? 

Our admin heroes know how to automate tasks and create templates, saving you time.

Why outsource admin to a Virtual Assistant?


When you hire a virtual assistant, you are only paying for hours of solid productive work. You don't pay for PAYE, leave, holidays, sick days or chats around the water cooler. Too easy!

Increase efficiency

Once you show us how you work, we'll be able to suggest technology and process improvements to save you time and money.

Focus on growth

No-one knows your business quite like you do and no-one does admin quite like us, we can focus on the office work while you focus on leads and building customer relationships.


If you're missing out on time with your family to work on business admin, it's time to partner with us.

Our best hits

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So far, it’s just been you, now you find yourself in the position where you need an assistant. Here are ten tips to get you effectively delegating like a boss.

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