20 Tasks your VA can Tackle

If you read our last blog about how to delegate then you will be well on your way to getting started with a Virtual Assistant.  In fact, you will quickly realise that your switched on assistant is capable of helping you with much more than you initially thought, but what specifically can an assistant do for you?

First and foremost, we are there to well…. assist. We are Alfred and you are batman. Here are some examples of tasks we can help you with that are a little more than just data entry & checking emails.

1. We can help with social media

Let us assist with developing a social media strategy, create a strong online presence, design and schedule content, review statistics and conduct regular data analysis. 

2. We can draft content

We can create relevant content for your business. We can then come up with a robust strategy to get as many people to read this information as possible by tying it in with your social media strategy.

3. Maintain your mailing list & email marketing

Create eye catching marketing emails to keep your mailing list in the loop, set up automatic response emails and keep these updated.

4. Revamp your presentations

Still using that same slideshow from 2 years ago? Let us give it a makeover. We will make it sleek and engaging.

5. Revolutionise your inbox

We will set up inbox rules, create action folders and get that inbox working for you. No more Linkedin requests clogging your inbox, no more missing important messages.

6. Set up and maintain your CRM or business database

How are you keeping track of your clients or potential customers currently? When was the last time you got around to updating your database? We can sort all of this for you and track the sales process from start to finish.

7. Automate Tasks

Auto-responding emails, email templates, automated back-ups, automated reminders, you name it, we can help automate it.

8. Introduce you to new apps

We are app happy. Apps have helped us revolutionise the way we work and in turn have boosted productivity. Chat to us about your current process, we love process improving.

9. Respond to customer enquiries

We will look after your clients like they were our own, we will also compile a list of FAQ’s that will help us respond to clients more efficiently.

trello example

10. Calendar Management

We will establish, update and manage your important events. We can also schedule your appointments just the way you like it.

11. Prepare an effective system for onboarding new staff

This is crucial for businesses as it means no last minute scramble when hiring a new recruit, just direct them to the on-boarding pack which contains links to important files and video tutorials on how to use certain programmes. Simple.

tasks for VA

12. Document automation and templates

Is there a report you re-write every month or week? We can make it an automated template. Is there a set of forms that need a makeover or would be easier to complete online? We’ve got it covered.

13. Create forms and surveys for customer feedback

We want to keep your customers happy, so do you, so let’s see what we can improve on to keep them coming back for more.

14. Request reviews from recent clients

Google reviews, Facebook reviews, any kind of review required, we can chase this up for you.

15. Design brochures, business cards and infographics

Not only can we design something that looks great, we can also fill the pages for you so it’s completely ready for your approval.

16. Create a book of standard operating procedures

If you don’t have this already, this is a must. We can write standard procedures as we go along and keep an updated running manual for you.

17. Assistance with recruitment

We can place job ads for you, trawl through resumes and create a shortlist. We can then conduct initial interviews and perform reference checks.

18. Researching important data and statistics

Need information for an upcoming presentation? Let us do all the digging and fill in the blanks.

19. Organise corporate gifts

We can keep track of birthdays or important events for staff and arrange for a gift to show up for them on the day. A little staff recognition can go a long way.

20. Event Management

Planning a function? From organising a staff dinner to an awards ceremony or anything in between, we can handle it for you.

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