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We're all based in New Zealand

We work remotely

We use our own equipment

Our Values

We’ve built a company around our core values of Loyalty, Integrity, Connection, Humour and Energy. We like to work with clients who have similar values. If that’s you – let’s connect.

What our values mean to us:


We reward loyalty. If you're in the club, we have your back. We're constantly thinking about ways we can streamline and improve your business administration and we don't offer better deals to our new clients than our existing ones.


We're honest. If we don't know how to do something, we'll say. We don't hide our mistakes and if we make them, we'll do everything we can to put things right. At mysundayclub we're all human.


We work remotely but value connection with each other and our clients hugely. You'll see us on google hangouts or zoom and while you're there, you'll probably meet our fur babies too.


We laugh at ourselves, and each other because who said running a business has to be hard?


We try to bring positive energy to the table, every day. For our families, our team, our clients and their clients. If you're regularly showing up with negative energy, we won't be working together for long.

Come on in and meet the team

Team Lead


Client Experience

Rachel looks after client relationships and manages our team of busy Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Assistant


Content Creator

Jodie leads client relationships in Auckland and surrounding areas. She’s also our social media, marketing and content expert.

Virtual Assistant


Admin Crusher

Alice brings a wealth of knowledge from her experience in the corporate world. She is comfortable meeting the needs of busy clients and frequently exceeds expectations.​


Load Lightener

Mel excels in fast paced roles. She has worked as a medical and Executive Administrative Assistant. She prides herself on relationship building and efficiency.​


Chaos Manager

​Michelle instinctively anticipates the needs of her clients to ensure she delivers what they need, when they need it. Her main priorities are transparency and clear communication.

content creation

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