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We love admin, it really is our gig – but not when it’s unnecessary. At mysundayclub, we give our clients their time back by supporting them with their admin but also by helping drive efficiency when it comes to their administrative processes.

If you’re not in need of admin support right now, or already have yourself a superstar personal assistant, maybe we can help free up some of your (and their) time by sharing our favourite apps. It’s also worth mentioning, they’re all free!

The more apps I use, the more I can run my business from my mobile phone. Eliminating the need to rush back to the office means I can deal with most things while standing in line at the coffee shop – Until I find an app that will deliver my coffee!

Our top 5 apps are outlined here, if you can’t use them, pay it forward and recommend them to someone who can;

time saving apps

1. Clockify. Allows you to track time and activities of you and your team. You can set it up so that team members can see the projects they are working on but you as the business owner/manager can see all time tracked. You can also apply an hourly rate for staff members (and use different rates on different projects). Clockify will add up the revenue for you in neat graphs showing weekly, monthly or yearly activity.

2. Canva. Design made easy. Canva can be used to create graphics for your social media page, website or newsletter. Easily place text over images, using templates suited perfectly for your requirements, i.e. a banner image for Facebook or Linkedin. It will also store your designs so you won’t need to spend time re-creating something you’ve already posted. It’s great for creating unique content that looks and feels professional.

3. CardScanner. Drowning in business cards? This handy app scans business cards and uploads them straight into Zoho, a customer relationship management tool (also has a free version) that will record the info on your card so you always have it to hand.

4. Google Analytics. This app will track and report on the activity on your website. It will tell you how many people are using your website, which devices they are using, how long they stay for and much more. It’s great when you post on social media, release an offer or send out a newsletter, providing you’re directing users to your website, you can track what impact your post had and adjust your marketing approach accordingly.

5. Buffer. Instead of rushing to post on social media every 5 minutes, organise your posts for the week with this scheduling app. You can write your posts for the week in one evening and schedule their release for the busiest times of the week.

If this isn’t enough efficiency for you, we also heavily use rules in G-mail or Outlook to filter out the repetitive actions we complete with our emails. If you haven’t used rules before, they can be set up to immediately do something with an email when it arrives in your inbox. E.g. forward it to your junk folder.

Some quick wins when using email rules;

  • Automatically mark all subscriptions/newsletters/promotional content (you may require a couple of rules to catch all of these) as read and forward them to a ‘Low Priority’ folder, come back to these when you have spare time
  • Forward all invoices to your MYOB or XERO in-tray
  • Forward all website inquiries to your PA to respond to and auto file them
  • Set up automatic payment for regular bills i.e. energy/internet and auto file these in your ‘Invoices’ folder

Best of luck for those of you that decide to try out the apps or email rules – enjoy that free time!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, or dream of delegating, meet our team

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