Top 10 Tips for Effective Delegation

So far, it’s just been you. You had an idea and took the leap to set up a small business, however, that leap has turned into a consistent juggling act. Now you find yourself in the position where you need help, you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done and you are wasting precious time trying to figure out social media & inbox management when you have a tonne of customers and leads to follow up on.

So what happens now?

How do you take the first step to hand over some tasks?

Here are ten tips to get you effectively delegating like a boss.

1. Start with a list.

Write yourself a big list of tasks that you currently do (also include those old tasks that have been sitting on your ‘to do list’ for the last five months that you haven’t quite got around to).

Highlight the tasks that you enjoy doing and that only you can do. BE SELECTIVE.

Remember, no-one can sell your business quite like you can so do what you do best & delegate the rest.

2. Clearly define the task.

If you have written down ‘social media’ that leaves a pretty vague description of what needs to be done. Sometimes it’s easier to think about the end goal, what do you want to achieve? Work backwards from this point.

3. Give clear instructions.

We cannot stress enough how important concise, clear instructions are with the first few tasks. Every detail is important so jot it down. Remember, when first delegating a task to your assistant, be as descriptive as possible.

4. Access.

If you are ready to delegate, be prepared to hand over access. No doubt your Executive Assistant will need access to sensitive information to complete the task at hand. If this is tough for you, start small, build that trust and then you will find yourself comfortable handing over access to your inbox.

Just remember that not offering access can put a huge dent in productivity for both of you.

5. Be clear about expectations.

Do you want your Executive Assistant to email you with questions? Is Trello easier? Or are you happy with a phone call? Do you want them to use their initiative or do you want them to check with you for the first few weeks?

BE CLEAR with your expectations from the outset.

6. Set a timeframe.

You need this by ‘X’ date, but you want it a few days earlier than this so you can go back & forth on a few things if required. Having this written down is really helpful to keep both you and your assistant accountable.

7. Task Length

Ensure you have discussed from the outset how much time you expect this task to take & ask your Executive Assistant to report back once ‘X’ amount of hours have been used. This way you can both assess how the task is going & gauge how many hours will be needed to complete the task.

8. Be confident in your Virtual Assistant.  

Let them do their thing, if you have followed the steps above, they will be keen to get cracking on the task you have given them. Let them know you are excited to see what they come up with & put that spare time to use, remember if you watch them too closely, they won’t be able to grow.

9. Give constructive feedback.

We cannot stress enough the importance of constructive FEEDBACK. Our Executive Assistants are experts in their field, they crave feedback, they need it in order to make progress. If you are unhappy with something, tell them, likewise, if you love something, tell them. We take feedback well, we receive it daily.

Remember, telling us you weren’t crazy about something helps us turn that into something you are crazy about.

10. Review

How did it go? Again, feedback here is completely necessary. No doubt your assistant absolutely crushed their first task and you’re happily handing over more work to them. Remember that feedback is a two way street so create time at least once a week to have a meeting with your Executive Assistant where you can both share feedback and create a strategy for the weeks ahead.

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